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2018 Basel ArtTech+Blockchain Connect

Involvement: Advisor to New Art Academy, organizer

Art and technology continue to rapidly merge together, encouraged by the growth of the global art market and the disruptions that the blockchain brings to many industries. The art market is not an exception: innovative and groundbreaking blockchain-based and other high-tech projects become natural solutions to build trust and transparency among artists, collectors, investors and institutions.

To address this fascinating subject that is on everybody’s minds, Forbes is teaming up with New Art Academy, provider of cutting edge art and technology education worldwide.

Panelists include:

Kevin Abosch, Artist, IAMA Coin 

Jerome Croisier, Chief Art Officer, Maecenas

Nanne Dekking, Chairman of the Board of TEFAF, Founder and CEO of Artory

Alban Fischer, Global Head of Digital Platforms, Art Basel

Marco Grossi, Director and Leader Blockchain Audit and Assurance, Deloitte AG

Jess Houlgrave, Co-founder and COO, Codex Protocol

Roy Huang, Co-Founder, FRESCO,  Blockchain Art Trust Distribution Network

Alain Mestat, Managing Partner, PassionProtect®

Tom Toumazis MBE, Executive Chairman, Tagsmart

Yan Walther, Yan Walther, Global Manager, SGS Art Services