What Makes a Leader and Why EQ Really Matters

Daniel Goleman wrote "What Makes a Leader" in Harvard Business Review in 1998. It is still the reference article in terms of Emotional Quotient (EQ).



IQ and technical skills are undenyably important, but emotional intelligence is what really makes the difference in leadership.

Having grown up in France and gone to Business School there, it is shocking to me how little interest French people have for these concept. Against all odds and proofs out there, it is still considered like a very American concept, "a little BS if you ask me"...

But it's not. And the lack of EQ is absolutely shocking at the C-level in France, where everything is so task driven without any respect or awareness of these concepts, which makes most teams dysfunctional and incapable of working together towards a common goal.

This sounds a little extreme and one knows that one is always more critical of one's own people, but I strongly believe every company would benefit from investing in developing common concept and good sense team psychology at every level of the organization to run smoothly and more efficiently.

But let's start somewhere: read HBR article "What Makes a Leader"